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The EU and Eurasian Union: Partnership instead of competition?

13-09-2013 | Article
Author: Vasily Fedortsev

Economization versus Power Ambitions.Published in: Economization versus Power Ambitions. Rethinking Russia's Policy towards Post-Sowiet States (ed. Stefan Meister). Nomos, 2013.


In March 2012, Vladimir Putin was elected to his third term as Russian president. The focus of his foreign policy platform for the next few years is the promotion of an integration process in the post-Soviet space and the formation of an Eurasian Union by 2015 that will unite Russia and the post-Soviet states following the EU model. The project is an attempt by Russia to alter the status quo in the post-Soviet space in line with its interests. The Russian plan stands in direct opposition to the EU’s Eastern Partnership. A rivalry between the two projects for influence in the “common neighborhood” appears unavoidable in the near future. The two sides should thus arrange a cooperative solution for the “common neighborhood” because increased competition could bring about negative consequences not only for bilateral relations between the EU and Russia, but particularly for the shared neighboring states.




Vasily FedortsevFEDORTSEV Vasily Alexandrovich

Head of BRIAC,

Candidate of Political Sciences